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    Sketch Up UV to Dimension CC




      I am pretty new to sketch up and dimensions so I am in need of a little help. I am creating my models in sketch up and I am wanting to render them in Dimension, anytime I import an obj. file into Dimension from Sketch Up I am getting a little message saying...


      "We have detected that the model has out of bound UVs. Out of bound IVs may affect the way materials and graphics are applied to the model. For ideal results ensure all UVs are in the 0-1 space."


      So when I import my file I can't apply my graphics it just turns out grey? I have had play around on both sketch up and dimension and just can't seem to find the solution, can anybody help me? I'm really stuck!

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          JeanetteMathews Adobe Employee (Admin)

          UVs are handled in the program creating the model (in this case Sketchup).  Please look up some tutorials for UVs in Sketchup as we do not have official support or tutorials for 3rd party programs.  Dimension cannot provide or fix UVs at this time, it is just able to detect and warn that this is an issue.

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