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    Change all jpg to photoshop not working


      I have 2 Mac Pro 2013 with OS 10.10.5

      I keep changing jpg, png to open via Photoshop CS6 using get info, change all to photoshop, but it keeps revert back to preview while I work using InDesign CS6


      Heres my work:

      1- I use Get Info to open all jpg to Photoshop CS6.

      2- I open indd files and insert image to it.

      3- For some time it will keep opening using photoshop but for a while it will revert back to Preview, not only from indesign also from any image in my mac.

      4- Sometimes I restart my mac all the settings applied to images is right, it happens while working either indesign or photoshop.


      I have to keep doing that by open jpg, get info, change all to photoshop, it keep doing that.

      I installed a fresh OS X, Fresh adobe CS6, update everything, new user, but the issue keeps happening.


      I need to know whats making these issue happens