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    Inserting MP4 - No fullscreen toolbar option


      Hi Folks,


      I'm working with RoboHelp 2017 Update 2. I've had multiple problems with inserting multimedia. We've resorted to attempting to use MP4 because Vimeo and HTML5 both were quite problematic. So, this question is specifically about inserting MP4s.


      I'm building a project with HTML5 output. When I insert an MP4 video and preview the topic, in the Preview window, the preview of the video has the full screen button on the toolbar. When I compile the project and view it in Chrome or Edge, it does not show the full screen button on the toolbar.  When I look at the available playback settings for my video, I have Show player controls set to Always. However, in the Playback group box, I am unable to check the Full Screen check box. The option is greyed out. Does anyone know if there is a way around this problem?


      If you need more details about the problems that I had with other formats, please let me know. I didn't want to clog up this thread with too much detail about our other failed attempts.


      Any help would be much appreciated.





      Quick follow up: It appears that the fullscreen button is missing in IE and Chrome, but available in Edge. What in the world?


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