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    cannot delete "." shortcut


      Hi there


      I'm trying to delete the "next brush" and "previous brush" shortcuts as I use the full stop and comma keys as shortcut to move in the video timeline (with ALT Gr key as I can't put just the single keys on that shortcut, which I would LOVE to do if that's possible).

      The problem is when I delete the shortcuts in the edit keyboard shortcut menu NOTHING happens, except the shortcut isn't visible anymore, but , and . still map to next/previous brush. Same if I assign a different shortcut to the next brush command.


      I'm running the latest PS version on Windows 8. I already deleted my prefs (with tears in my eyes as I curated my preferences carefully over the years and have to remember / redo all over again) did nothing. Restated software and machine, also nothing.


      Please help! It's endlessly frustrating to be animating and suddenly my brush changes