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    LR Mobile Sync no internet


      Hi All,


      I have asked the online chat folks a couple of times but I'm still confused if LR Mobile will work for me. Here's what I want to do.


      Take pictures and download them to my mac as normal.

      Using a iPad USB adapter and USB stick transfer my selected pictures to my iPad pro.

      Sit in front of the TV and edit some pictures.

      When edit is complete transfer the finished edited pictures back to my Mac for printing.


      Unfortunately I do not have a good enough internet connection to use the cloud. I live in the country with limited access. I do have a local network but I understand that is not supported at this time. It looks like a physical connection via usb/sd card or cable is the only way.


      I'm ok with that but I want to make sure my work flow concept will work before I buy the iPad pro.


      Thanks in advance for your help.