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    Premiere Is Loading but not Showing Anything




      I have several apps from Creative Cloud Suite, and they all work wonderfully. However, Premiere, which is a very important program for my work, suddenly stopped working at the end of last week.

      I'd open the program, and everything would see fine. You know how after the logo illustration comes up, a blank background shows, then a box with options for making a new project or opening an old one pops up? Well it stops between the blank BG and the box. I waited a long while for the box to pop up so I could make a new project. It just never did. I tried to go to file, and open it that way, but it never went through. I uninstalled and reinstalled. This fixed the pop up box, so I could create something new, but the workspace (the original preset workspace I never changed) wouldn't show up.

      There was a little red "!" at the bottom right of the screen, which ended up being an error that there was an unknown workspace. I reset the workspace, which SEEMS to have fixed that. However, now I can't create a NEW project. The whole program seems to be in a jumbled mess, and I have no idea how to fix it. I tried to call support, but it just tried to send me here then I got cut off. I don't know why, and I don't care. I just want my program to be fixed. I have a big project I really need to edit for work, and unfortunately my work doesn't give me the program. I pay for it myself, so I need to get this fixed on my own as well.


      I have:

      • Uninstalled/Reinstalled
      • Tried opening different projects to see if it's a specific one.
      • Reset my workspace (which partially worked?)
      • Updating
      • Called Support


      Other than the workspace error, no other error messages have popped up.

      PLEASE, if anyone can help me, I will be so grateful to you.