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    Site behaviour/alignment suddenly changed...


      Hi, hopefully there's a known issue and a simple answer to my weird issue...


      Whilst browsing through my published and uploaded site, I suddenly realised that some content on my Contact page was not centred as it should be. Specifically, it's a standard Muse composition containing some contact forms that's not aligning correctly. Although, the composition actually sits in a state button alongside all the other content that stills aligns correctly.


      Contact Blooper Photobooths - Wedding, event and party booth hire


      I assumed I had inadvertently broke the design at some point. I have a lot of backup historical .muse files alongside full site exports that I was able to look through and locate where the issue came from. Going back a few versions I found a published set of HTML files that behaved correctly and so I went to an old .muse file that should contain a working version. Weirdly, this old version and in fact all my old .muse files exhibit this new issue when I export this page.


      I have very recently updated to Muse 2018 but I'm quite sure this problem started before the update.




      EDIT: For reference I have uploaded an old working version of the file. As far as I'm concerned, this is identical to the version above until exported. http://www.blooperphotobooths.co.uk/contact%20working/contact.html

      Contact Blooper Photobooths - Wedding, event and party booth hire




      Any ideas as to what could cause Muse to suddenly export a page differently to how it did in the past?


      Thanks in advance for any advice, I'm completely stumped!

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          ankushr40215001 Level 7

          Hi jamblarr,


          Did you try having a look at pinning of form and composition?


          For me, this looks like an incorrect pinning issue.


          Recently we have made pinning smarter and it isn't required everywhere.


          Try to unpin both the composition and form which you have embedded.


          Let me know if that works.





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            Jamblarr Level 1

            Hi Ankush, thanks so much for your reply.


            I did indeed previously look over my pinning across all the elements. I didn't consider actually removing the pinning all together, although I have just tried that and I'm afraid this still did not help.


            Some more info that I think may be relevant: I have just spotted some more, similar inconsistencies with previous exports. Every single page that is linked to from this page Scenes & Props by Blooper Photobooths - Wedding, event and party booth hire  (all my individual 'scene' pages) use exactly the same page design, layout and elements, with only the content changed -  In every instance of these pages the gallery (a third party widget) is no longer laid out properly and can overlap other content, even disappear from the visible page depending on the rendered resolution. I have traced this problem back to exactly the same point that the 'contact' page manifested the layout issue. (To be exact, an export on 19th October works perfectly. My next render on 3rd November exhibits both these problems on the 'contact' and 'scenes' pages.)


            I'm more than happy to consider all possibilities, including the most likely that it's due to my own error! But, I know for a fact that these pages were not edited, or even opened in Muse between my working and non-working versions. Can I please confirm, are you suggesting that pinning now works differently to how it did previously and that this could have an effect on my site? Was this change made between 19th October and 3rd November? If so, I'd really love to know some detail on this as I'm sure you'll agree, the best way to troubleshot a problem is to find it's cause. This seems like a better course of action rather than meddling with a design that I'm confident did work, and therefore should work!


            Thanks again

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              Jamblarr Level 1

              One more piece of info: As a test, I have just uploaded the old version of my contact page to my live site.


              Contact Blooper Photobooths - Wedding, event and party booth hire


              When opened locally alongside the originally exported files, this html page displays perfectly. Now uploaded, the composition behaves just like the live version. So I think it's safe to say that whatever is to blame for this problem is not part of the HTML file, but is possibly part of the CSS or a more global setting?

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                ankushr40215001 Level 7

                We can surely get rid of such kind of issue, however, the solution may vary for each use cases.

                hence would you mind sharing your .muse file with us so that we can investigate and try fixing it?


                For sharing the file you can follow the steps explained here - https://forums.adobe.com/docs/DOC-8652.




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                  Jamblarr Level 1

                  This sounds great, thanks again Ankush. Here's my file, please let me know if you need to know anything else.





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                    fotoroeder Adobe Community Professional

                    Bildschirmfoto 2017-11-07 um 22.34.23.png On Master take care about this overlapping content in header.

                    You don`t need the breakpoint at 320. There are no smaller devices. It is a minimum width of 320.

                    This is not the solution, though.


                    You used 3rd party widget which I deleted. This did not solve the problem.

                    You use very weird pinning inside the composition. Why did you place all this elements inside a state button?

                    I moved all elements outside the state button. I unpinned everything, I pinned everything to the center, always the form sticks to the left. This is strange, though.

                    I suggest to not use the composition widget for this approach.

                    I recommend the tabbed panel.

                    Or you try from scratch and take care about your pinning.

                    This is my example from your site, as I would do it. Of course you have to do some design work finally.

                    Adobe Creative Cloud


                    Best Regards,


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                      Jamblarr Level 1

                      Hey Uwe, thanks for taking the time to look over my file, and also for the general advice. It's all very much appreciated and I will take on board your general comments and act on them ASAP. But with my primary concern being my broken site, I'll come back to them at a later date!


                      So yes, I'm very glad you also find the behaviour strange! Looking at my file now, I agree there was some very weird pinning going on, I can not explain this at all. It was some time ago that I put this page together and to be honest I can not remember the exact process, maybe this is how I built it, but I really don't think it would have been (I mean how could it?!) I'm wondering if something could have gone awry in the process of converting the file for Muse 2018, or maybe this is a symptom of whatever problem is causing the change of behaviour in the exported pages? Either way, whether these were my settings or not, the fact remains that this Muse file once exported a working page, and did so numerous times for about a year.


                      I'm very reluctant to rebuild this page from scratch. This change of behaviour has also affected my 13 'scenes' pages as mentioned above, and so rebuilding all these pages will be extremely time consuming and costly. I do not wish to sound rude at all, (especially to you guys who are taking time to help me) but why on earth should I?! I'm ready and waiting to be told otherwise, but as it stands this seems to be to be a problem with Muse itself, not with my file or my work. Without knowing exactly what has caused these problems, rebuilding the pages will just be glossing over the problem. Who's to say that it wouldn't happen again? How many times will I have to build my site from scratch? Until this is rectified I have very little faith in Muse to maintain my site as I feel that I have lost complete control over my file, which contains literally months of work and is the backbone of my business.


                      I know for a fact that my Muse file from October is fine. The exported pages should work. I have tested a number of other archived muse files from the last year, all of which used to export a fully functioning site, and they all now export broken a 'contact' page and my multiple 'scenes' pages are broken too. As far as I'm concerned the problem is in the exporting. Not in my pinning.