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    Unable to remove plugin from "Filters" menu

    JoeyFoShoey Level 1



      Operating system: MacOS High Sierra 10.13.1 (latest stable version)

      Latest version of Photoshop CC

      I installed two plug-ins by Alien Skin: Exposure X2 and Snap Art 4. After deciding I didn't want them, I uninstalled them but the Photoshop menu options have not been removed. I want to remove these options from my Photoshop interface.


      I've tried uninstalling and re-installing Photoshop, restarting my computer, and I've had no luck. I contacted the developer and they haven't responded to me.


      Photoshop Error - Album on Imgur


      I've linked an Imgur album which shows how it looks on my computer as well as the error that is presented when I try to launch the Snap Art 4 option. When I select Exposure 2, there is no apparent reaction that occurs.


      Thanks in advance