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    Question about photos "added" to LR CC

    frederickb38578225 Level 1

      In the new LR CC (cloud) I “Added Photos” using the drop down FILE>ADD PHOTOS to an otherwise empty LR CC Catalog in the cloud. Over 5 or 6 days running non-stop about 25,000 pictures were Synced and Backed up to the cloud (so it is reported in my LR CC CLOUD icon, upper right corner).


      I had to copy all photos to external drive so that there was enough space for upload (LR CC said I didn't have enough space on my internal SSD which had only 120 GB free).


      But now that all photos are uploaded, I would like to link them NOT to the external drive, but to the internal SSD (from whence came the ones on the external drive).


      Or maybe erase the internal copies and MOVE the external copies back to the internal SSD.


      Or whatever is required to end up with all photos in the cloud and whatever kind of copy one needs to have on the internal SSD (full res or otherwise).


      NOTE: I did NOT “migrate” the old Lightroom catalog to the new LR CC.


      Any and help welcomed and much appreciated--

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          99jon Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          It is possible to nominate an external hard drive, to store an original copy, within Lr CC preferences. So any future photos copied from a camera, phone or SD card will then be backed-up to the cloud and also to your ehd. Or if you wish you can move the files to the internal drive and keep that as your secondary backup location.


          The 25,000 photos already added will automatically drop out of the Lr CC cache but it may take several days. You can clear it manually if everything is backed up to the cloud.


          Are you using Windows or Mac?