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    Why does each brush have its own color pallet?


      I find it so infuriating to constantly go into each brush to select a color and then have to exit again to change brushes or use the eraser. Am I missing something or is there a reason the app was designed this way?

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          KoMaruyama Adobe Community Professional

          I find that having the different brush preferences for each brush means that you can switch between brushes rather than modify a brush that you're working with, then have to return to modify it back to previously saved settings.

          Having a color palette for each brush means that I can switch back and forth between styles and colors without having to reset everything each time.  I do need to set up my custom brushes before I start working.


          To quickly switch between colors using the same brush style, here's a workflow you might find helpful.


          1. Long hold on each brush and set all 5 brushes to the same value.

          2. Set the colors to these 5 brushes that you would like to work in.


          Yes, you only have 5 colors, but you won't need to dive into color picker to go back and forth, just pick from the different brush colors.




          OPTIONAL / ALT method

          (this one takes practice?)

          1. same

          2. same, but choose color #5 to a unusable "ERASER" color.

          3. continue to work, even painting with "ERASER" color.

          When you're ready to remove the "ERASER" color, choose the eraser brush and long hold (fill) on that color.  Contiguous color should be removed as well.


          Here's a little one minute tip I did on that topic:

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            hollyeperret Level 1

            Ok. I can totally see what you mean about the brushes. I often use the same brush, which is why your first tip is An excellent one for me to try. I could totally see that working where you’re using less colors or doing all corresponding colors the same time and then switching them out. And I never would have thought to do the eraser color you suggested. That is a great idea! It would be a huge time saver. I really appreciate the clip showing how it works.


            great tips! Thanks so much for taking the time to make those suggestions.