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    Question regarding ViewStack

    bitwyse Level 1
      Hi All,

      I am having an issue with the ViewStack when the user clicks the back button. The browser takes them back a page however, my Flex application doesn't recognize the change thus none of my links work on the previous page. Let me give an example as that sounds confusing.

      The user is viewing a page in my application. Lets call it page one. On page one the user can click a link to go to page 2. Now the user is viewing page 2 and clicks the back button to go back to page 1. For some reason the link to page 2 no longer works. I have found that if I go back to page 1 by using something other than the back button say a flex button, then the links on page 2 will work. Below is some sample code of how I am working with the ViewStack Links and Buttons . . .

      Thanks for any help you can offer .. . ..