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    Acrobat Reader DC: Signature undetected

    Mario Varelli

      I am reporting a problem in detecting the signature in a document that contains a form.

      The document is signed whit my certificate and the signature is detected and verified by Arubasign and by **** but not by Acrobat Reader DC.

      I need support for this issue.


      I did try to sign the empty document, the document with the form fulfilled, the document with the form partially filled but the result was the same: Acrobat Reader reports no signature vs ArubaSign and **** reporting a valid signature.

      Of course the document is signed in PADES standard.



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          Adorobat Adobe Employee

          Hi Mario,


          Sorry for the delay in response.


          Would it be possible if you can share the link for the file with us? You may upload the file using Adobe's send and track by visiting this link in a web browser: https://cloud.acrobat.com/send

          Click Add files > choose files from my computer

          (ii) Select the file > create link. You can copy paste the link here in the forums or share it via private message by left-clicking on the person's username and click Message.