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    Billed for Adobe stock


      I just knew this was going to happen.


      Was convinced to take Adobe Stock trial, I cancelled it on 20 Oct, but was billed today. The person on the other side said they billed me yesterday 6 Nov and 'I cancelled on the 7th". How convenient.


      Doesn't matter what i say, the operator says that I only cancelled it after the billing. This is absolute rubbish. Now it is my word against theirs. I hope to get my money as credit, but I must first wait and see. This is just not ethical Adobe.

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          Beverley Gray Adobe Employee

          Hi jacomot


          Do you recall if you cancelled the subscription from your account or did you contact support?  Unfortunately there is no record of the cancellation request in our system.


          Thank you for contacting our support team who are handling your request and will arrange for the charge to be refunded.


          Kind regards



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