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    Play from Current Time and RAM preview not working

    PolkaFever Level 1

      For the love of me can someone tell me what happened to AE reliable RAM previews??? Me & AE goes way back and previews have never let me down until now.

      The thin green line of trust isn't the same after my most recent update.


      I'm on AE CC 2017.2 v14.2.1.34

      Intel Xeon CPU E5-1660 v2@3.7GHz, 32GB RAM, Win 10/ 64bit


      I've tried all these mumbo-jumbo solutions

      1. Changed monitor refresh rate to 60Hz ?!?
      2. Unchecked/checked stacked panel group ?!?
      3. Changed timeline panel window size?!?
      4. Every freakin' setting in the preview panel, display and previews pref.
      5. Saved, shut down and reopened
      6. Cleared cache
      7. Set up preview panel excactly like some have suggested in the forums
      8. Tried and reset (alt-click) the preview panel  to classic defaults


      (Forum suggestions)


      And still:


      1. RAM is not playing what the thin green line has cached
      2. Sound only works sometimes during previews
      3. I CAN NOT control what is being cached (green in time line) Not by work area nor current time.


      Luckily I can fall back on an old version of AE CC (works fine there), but that means I have to do all edits all over again since AEP files are not backwards compatible.


      Previews in AE are essential, dear Adobe. Don't mezz with the thin green line! That's like changing the render-complete sound....uh mofasa!


      Please help