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    Calculation questions

    Buscum Ducis

      Hi Community!


      I'm fairly new to making digital interactive forms, but skilled enough that I wanted to try to make some auto calculations in the document. But some questions rose up, and after a ton of searching (probably in the wrong places) I couldn't find a answer to them. I attached a link to the file in question: got to file. So I would like to ask you:


      1. Is it possible to make a calculation within 1 one column. I've made a document in wich the customer can manually fill the columns with data. Now is my question, if it's possible to make a calculation within that column, like the sum of all lines of data in the column "bedrag" will show in "sub-totaal". Or do I have to chop those colums up to smaller textboxes? I hope not ^^!

      2. I tried to find a introduction to JS coding in Acrobat but can't seem to find one. I have found some instructions on the basic option but cant seem to find out how or where I can find more instructions.


      I Would like to make the "sub-totaal" column x 0.21 show in "BTW" and for the "Totaal" I would like to make the sum of "Sub-totaal" and "BTW".


      Your help will be much appreciated ! Thanks!

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          try67 MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          Sure, it's all possible. And you don't need a script to do it, either.

          Just use the built-in options under the Calculate tab. You can use the first option to create a sum of fields and the "Simple Field Notation" option to calculate the tax.

          The formula to do that that would be:

          sub-totaal * 0.21

          You can also create a hidden text field with the tax percentage rate and then multiply the two fields.

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            Buscum Ducis Level 1

            Thanks for your quick answer! I tried what you said. At first I couldn't believe I didn't see that for myself, lol! But it does not quite work however. This is what I get:


            The second line of data in the Bedrag column is added behind the first. When I add a third line it says NaN. Also the calculations in the BTW section isn't working as well. I think Totaal works properly but I dont know since BTW is 0. I did as you said, what am I doing wrong? Thanks once again



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              try67 MVP & Adobe Community Professional

              You can't use multi-line text fields for this (well, you can, but it's much more complicated). Each row needs to be an independent field.

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                Buscum Ducis Level 1

                Hmmm that explains a lot. Thank you, you've made my day !