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    PDF's not loading completely in IE 11 and hanging, throws document error.




      Experiencing an issue with PDF's not downloading, or loading completely and stalling, causing the browser to hang in our company. It's affecting everyone who tries to view the PDF's with IE. It seems to affect PDF files larger than ~1.5 MB and happens in IE only. The PDF's will not download completely and throw a document error, or hang when you scroll down to view more than the first page of the document. I've tried clearing cache and cookies, but that didn't help.


      Using IE 11 and Acrobat 11

      Go to: https://www.dignityhealth.org/about-us/our-organization

      Left-click on Download Annual Report under Mission Integration section



      IE attempts to download PDF (starts quickly then gets slower), but never completes the download and hangs. If you attempt to scroll down to view the pages IE will hang and require you to forcefully close the tab/window.


      On my last attempt to load the Annual Report PDF mentioned above, IE was able to only download 2.88 of 2.96 MB and then completely stalled. Nothing is viewable beyond the 2nd page. I am able to save the PDF to my local drive and open it in IE without a problem.


      Anyone have ideas? Is there a security setting that could be causing this?