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    Editing Content Within RoboHelp Topics

    SandraDCF Level 1

      I've uploaded all my content (as Word documents which I imported) and need to apply some edits. I decided to make all edits within RoboHelp, rather than doing it in the Word documents themselves, and overwriting all the files, as I thought this might be easier.


      However, when I imported all my Word docs, I noticed that there is a space in the formatting which I can't seem to erase.


      RoboHelp space in formatting.jpg


      The light blue square above is a different shade of blue. When I click on the space to select it, and then hover over it, I can see that it's a "linebreaker".

      RoboHelp linebreaker.jpg



      When I hit the delete key, the entire row (line) disappears.

      RoboHelp - linebreaker deleted.JPG



      When I try to add it back by placing the cursor in front of the letter K, and pressing CTRL + Enter, the line appears again, but now there is a new icon there.

      RoboHelp - page break icon.png


      How can I delete the Page Break icon? Or will this not appear once this content has been published to the server?