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    copy paste

    Level 7

      is there a way to copy somthing at _level0 and paste it on the same
      position inside another clip with different coordinates? I know I can do
      this on one level but this would be so great if it would work inside
      different coordinates.

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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          Yes. It's possible I'm not reading the situation correctly, but if I am, it may be as simple as using the Paste in Place option.

          If that doesn't result as you hoped, what you may need to do is write down the x/y coordinates in the level your copying from, and after pasting the object into its new home you'd have to manually enter those same coordinates in the properties panel.

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            Level 7
            NedWebs wrote:
            > Yes, what have you tried that doesn't work... it's possible I'm not reading the situation correctly.

            Take a clip from the main timeline (_level0) ctrl+c
            go inside another clip, in the middle of the stage
            and press ctrl+shift+v

            The copied clip have the same offset as in _leven0 plus the position of
            the clip where the paste-timeline lies. I want flash to automaticly
            calculate that difference. I guess it is not possible but maybe...
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              FSL_DiGi Level 1
              ya its possible, did it before!
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                FSL_DiGi wrote:
                > ya its possible, did it before!


                ctrl+v places it in the middle
                ctrl+shift+v puts it on the same coordinates, whisout shifting the
                position from the parent clip.

                but how correct this automaticly?