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    Copy and Paste from PS to InD not working-need direction


      Hello there,

      I use InD to make a catalog, and use PS to copy and paste product information into the InD document.


      Typically, I open the pdf of my product data in PS.  I use the rectangle marquee tool to select the info I need. With keystroke (ctrl-C) I copy and then paste (ctrl-V)

      the selection into the InD document.


      I recently updated my PS software (I use CS4), and my InD is a current version.  I have not been able to do this method for this current project and wonder if anyone can direct me to where my error is.  It saves me so much time to do this method.  I can still get my work done, but with three more steps.


      It seems the keystroke commands are not working in PS.


      Thank you,