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    Component ScrollBar rollover

    W_Bell Level 1
      I have a scroll bar button for a video component that looks the same as the UIScroll except it has no mouseover or press events coded and I have been trying variations of code to no avail.

      The scrollBar comes as part of a "List component" for use with a video player. The component inspector only gives you links for the scroll, track & arrow buttons.

      I am trying to add the mouse over effects and I am having a problem getting the code to talk to the buttons.
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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          this.ScBar1.onRollOver = function(){
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            W_Bell Level 1
            Your suggestion will not fire the frame and I have tried every combination I think possible and still, I can not get the Scroll to move with the mouseover. However, I got the Mouseover by omitting the instance name and just using

            //***********************************************************List5 ScrollBar
            this.onRollOver = function(){


            I think there must be a problem with focus or something that causes the scrollbar not to work when the mouseover works. Maybe if I add the drag command or whatever it is, the scroll may work with the mouseover.
            Any suggestions?
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              W_Bell Level 1
              Well I made a buttons for the UIScrollBar arrows from the 3 states in the ScrollBar Library and they work fine.
              This won't work for the scroll Button as it will not scroll if you use a Button instance.

              What I am tring to achieve in this thread is a button state highlight without using a style like Halo Blue.