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    Can't add pictures to library using iOS11/iPhone 6plus


      Using iOS11 and an iPhone 6 plus with the latest version of the iOS app for LR CC, when I try to add a picture to a folder or library using either the camera or selecting and adding from the photo library, I get to the screen where I can select photos and then click to add them, but they never appear in my folder or library.  It's as though I didn''t add them.  Nonetheless, I can easily add photos to the same library from the browser based LR CC.  Any ideas?


      Specifically, I open the App,

      Then select an album

      Then click the little + icon in the lower right

      Then select Camera Roll

      I select a few photos from my camera roll (2)

      Click 'Add 2 Photos' at the screen bottom.

      The Album view returns without the added photos.


      Help please.