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    How to script opening a folder to select an unnamed FDF from among several FDF files

    ddunn@davidsdunn.com Level 1

      I would like to find a means to cause a script in DocA to open a specified folder, after which the user would select one of many fdf files in that folder to import into DocA. (The file name is not known when creating the script.)


      When I execute the following script in a mouse up action I receive a privileged status warning asking if I trust this site, but when I click "Allow" nothing happens, and placing this in a privileged folder level script does not seem to work either.


      var parentPath = this.getField("txtL.Path.Parent").valueAsString;

      var agentFolder = this.getField("txtL.Folder.Agent").valueAsString;

           this.importAnFDF("" + parentPath + agentFolder);


      Can I do what I want to do? If so, how?