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    Which form should I fill out? (¿Qué formulario debo completar?)


      I live in Ecuador, and I am new, and yesterday when entering Adobe Stock I found that I have to fill out a tax form but I have no idea which form I should choose and fill out.

      I would also very much appreciate if you could explain to me if filling out one of these forms the US government discounts or removes a percentage of what I earn in Fotolia (Adobe Stock), I ask this because since I am new to Fotolia, they will pay me 15 % and if the government discounts me 30% I do not get any profit for me.


      I count on your help, I thank you in advance.


      (Vivo en Ecuador, y soy nueva, y ayer al entrar en Adobe Stock encontré que tengo que llenar un formulario de impuestos pero no tengo idea de que formulario debo escojer y llenar.



      También te agradecería mucho que me explicaras si al llenar uno de estos formularios el gobierno estadounidense me descuenta o quita un porcentaje de lo que yo gano en Fotolia (Adobe Stock), pregunto esto ya que como soy nueva en Fotolia me van a pagar el 15% y si me descuenta el gobierno el 30% no obtengo ganancia alguna para mí.



      Cuento con su ayuda, se los agradezco de antemano.)

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          Abambo Adobe Community Professional

          Lets make a simple calculation: Fotolia sells pictures of your creations for 1000$, you get 15% of that sum =150$ and from those 150$ the US tax administration will ask Adobe to deduct 30% ie 45$. This means that you will get effectively 105$.


          If, however, your country and the US have a tax convention, you need to get from the US tax administration a tax number, allowing effectively Adobe to pay out the 150$ on your behalf. And as tax administrations are loving paper work () you need to fill out some forms:


          First a form for getting that ITIN or Individual Taxpayer Identification Number to be asked directly with the IRS has to be filled out and then with that number you can ask Adobe not to withheld the taxes with the second form.


          I'm waiting for my Taxpayer Identification Number currently.

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