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    Can't generate internal TOC in InDesign Epub -- no matter what I try

    casinclaire Level 1

      I am a print designer whose publisher client has asked me to branch out and explore creating epubs. I've crash-coursed myself this last week and a half with Lynda.com courses, YouTube videos, and all kinds of blogs and Adobe instructions. I have actually had pretty good results with the book I used to practice on, to the point where it is nearly ready for Amazon.  The only problem is, I CANNOT GET AN INTERNAL TOC TO GENERATE.  I have exported sooooooo many times, I've lost count.  I've also tried "Make text anchor in source paragraph" -- both on and off -- numerous times. I have no idea if THAT is working or not because the internal TOC NEVER APPEARS. The Nav TOC shows up fine.  I'm previewing this export in Adobe Digital Editions (which has not impressed me at all), in Readium (a Chrome extension which actually reflects my embedded fonts), in Kindle Previewer, and on my own Kindle.  The internal TOC is showing up on none of them which just reinforces for me the fact that it is not generating.


      My apologies if I've missed another post or a solution somewhere to this problem, but I've searched for three days one way and another and have found nothing except other complaints, going back as far as InDesign 2014.


      One more thing.  So far, every post I HAVE found about the TOC functions -- even on the Adobe site itself -- seems to discuss ONLY the TOCs that are being generated from InDesign books (.indb)!  There is hardly any (maybe no) mention of stand-alone manuscripts (ones not broken down and saved in an InDesign .indb file).  The manuscript I'm working with is all in one single InD file, not in separate chapters (I did try setting it up in an .indb and for reasons I won't go into, it didn't work well with this manuscript).  So what little I AM finding about the TOC situation is barely even applicable to what I'm doing!


      Does anyone out there have any insight into this problem?  I would be so grateful for any assistance!


      C. Sinclaire