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    jumping to a slide mid way through

      Here is my problem.
      -the short version-
      Say I have a slides with links to other slides in a simulation. I'd like to be able to link back to the originating slide where it left off. Would that be possible in Captivate 3?

      -the long version-

      I have a slide that contains a rather lengthy scripted piece of dialog. Each spoken part has a corresponding caption with the scripted text in it. The object is to identify the misstatmets by one of the speakers. Each incorrect statement (ie the correct choice in the sim.) links to a slide with an explination to why the statement was incorrect. Each statement with no problem links to a slide telling the user there isnt a problem with the choice. Id like to link back to the scripted run through and have it pick up where the user left off from either of the correct or incorrect slides. Would that be possible? Ive read up a bit on the variables etc.. I would imagine the link should reference the specific frame number but was wondering if there is an easier way.
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          jojolina Level 1
          Hi there Capt_pants and welcome to the community

          To the best of my knowledge, there is no way to link back to a specific point in a slide as any navigation always takes you to the beginning of a slide. Please bear in mind that Captivate does not actually have frames like in Flash and the timeline is merely that, a timeline measured in seconds.

          If possible, try to break up your dialogue over as many slides as you need (e.g. have 10 error section, therefor 10 slides). Thus you can now navigate "back" to the slide with the relevant audio that you want to.

          hope it workds for you