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    Changing an image to match a specific green (an oracal 751 vinyl swatch)



      Please can someone help me?

      I've designed a logo to go on a Window Cleaners van - using 2 green vinyls (Oracal751 in 604 and 062)

      I need to use a droplet image within some of the shapes of the logo - and the colour of these shapes (which will be printed 4 colour onto white vinyl) need to tie in with the 2 vinyl swatches that have been picked.

      I'm messing around with channels and layer effects but is there an accurate way of doing this?

      I've loaded an ASE file into Photoshop from Oracal so have the right green breakdowns - just not sure of the best way to make the image 100% the right green.

      Would really appreciate any advice?

      Thank you very much


      Screen Shot 2017-11-08 at 12.26.42.png