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    Problem: Location data confusion in LRCC

    Simon Wrigley

      I Have a photo taken in Chesterfield UK on a new camera with GPS. GPS wasn't set up so photo was initially stamped with Antartica. I've changed the location info in the info panel of LRCC to Chesterfield UK. The photo now comes up under a search for either Antartica OR Chesterfield and the map in the info panel shows Antartica but has the title Chesterfield UK!


      Somethings not working properly.




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          Jim Wilde Adobe Community Professional

          The problem is likely the GPS coordinates. The map in LRCC shows the location as per the GPS data, not the Location Data, but the location text overlay on the map is derived from the Location Data. So while you might have fixed the Location Data, you likely haven't corrected the GPS data which the map is based on. I don't know that you can change the GPS coordinates in LRCC (yet), so you'd have to find another way of doing that. Oddly enough, although it doesn't sync Location Data, LR Classic does sync GPS data, and you CAN change GPS info there....so if you are using Classic as well, find the image there and use the Map module to drag the image to the correct map location, wait for the image to sync, and that should fix the problem in LRCC.

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            Simon Wrigley Level 1

            Thanks Jim. Will give that a go.