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    Resolution images (Adobe Animate CC)

    Vectar Level 1

      Hi All,


      I recently started working with Adobe Animate CC and created a HTML5 banner with the tool.

      Now when I publish it and view it in a browser, everything is looking sharp and nice!

      But when I put the banner on a server and view it online, the image quality becomes really poor.


      Does anybody know how this can happen?





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          nickg28 Adobe Community Professional

          Maybe when you publish to the server the images are getting compressed. The way to work around this is to make the images at a higher resolution, so that when it loads up to the server it compress's to a good quality.

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            ClayUUID Adobe Community Professional

            That sounds like a rather dreadful solution. If (IF) the server is recompressing images, the proper solution would be to determine if there's a documented way to exempt images from processing.

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              Vectar Level 1

              Hi ClayUUID,


              The strange thing is that it only happens with this specific banner. I made another one and it works fine. And I never had issues with resolution in the past when uploading to a server.


              It may sound strange, but could it be that the script that Adobe Animate creates compresses the files so that it stays under a certain KB size when used online? I noticed that the image spread (with the images used in the banner) is around 3 MB. It's okay when viewing offline but in most cases it would be to big for placing online with an Ad agency. Not sure if this is the case, but it looks like something like this is happening.