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    Enable / Disable cfform validation.

    jjay@aus Level 1

      I am using cfform for a CC payment form, and validating the CC number etc.. with the cfform "validate=credicard" paramater. This is all fine as usual.

      I have a toggle in my form to show or hide particular fields depending on a radio button selected (Pay CC or Bank Tfr). If the CC payment fields are hidden (user has selected to pay by Bank Tfr), I don't want the validation for those fields to run. If they select CC payment, the validation should run. Validation is onSubmit.

      I am trying to find a way of disabling or re-enabling the validation on given cfform fields. Have scoured the net, forums etc.. but just can't find anything.

      Does anyone know how this could be acheived?

      Many Thanks in advance.