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    Licensing implications of using Ant to build via the SDK with the visualization components

      Has anyone done something similar to this scenario or know if it can be done?

      I want to purchase a few seats of FB Pro as I only require Flex in a small portion of my companies web footprint. If our company policy is to perform command line builds from a source repository companywide, what are my options, as this is no longer the standard open source SDK(it has the visualization components as well). Users on any machine within the company need to be able to pull the SDK and visualization components out of the repository and deploy onto their machine and perform a build against the source code before being packaged into a WAR (we have a similar process in place already for JAVA and Eclipse). An adobe representative didn't think there was an issue from a licensing point of view, but I was wondering if this approach is feasible from a technological point of view, ie Can you just throw the SDK with the Visualization Components on any machine and assign the license key via ant for the build? (Not the builder on any machine just the SDK with the SWC file for the visualization component). Sorry for the long winded post.