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    CC 2018 Breaks all workflow


      I have seen others complain about the keyboard shortcuts not working, and I will add some to that shortly. My real gripe is that it keeps moving to the Move tool when working in text if I use the keyboard arrows to move through my text. An example is text with two returns and more text. If i use the arrow keys to move the text cursor, it changes to the move tool and shifts my text. Or, if in text editing I hit the end or home keys, it does the same.

      This hurts workflow.




      Keyboard shortcuts not working. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!

      I can hit the M key to select the marquee tool, but not shift + m to chance the type of tool. This happens in the lasso (L) tool as well.


      This is unacceptable. Yes, Affinity has come far, but Adobe has the monopoly on this. For that reason alone we expect more from our tools and their manufacturer. My wife and coworkers are getting tired of my cursing at my pc. Shouldn't this have been fixed/tested before release? I'd be willing to beta test, at least then I'd expect changes to not work.