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    My rectangular marquee can't be dragged anymore? Since 19.0 patch




      Updated to 19.0, I am no longer able to drag a marquee (without selection) using the rectangular marquee tool. All other marquee tools work.


      When I draw a selection with this tool, rather than getting a small white arrow and square drawn with a dotted line (which allows me to drag the marquee), I get instead a vertical and horizontal cross hair (the marquee tool before you draw with it) and a little 'x' - meaning if I click I just get rid of the marquee.


      If I change to another marquee tool, I can then drag the square/rectangle marquee but not without this workaround step.


      I have tried resetting the tools

      I have tried starting Photoshop holding down the buttons to rest preferences


      Neither worked.


      OS Sierra 10.12.6

      iMAc Reina 5k / 4Ghz Intel Core i7


      Any ideas? Thanks