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      Me again, third topic in 24 hours.

      I'm wondering about flash being the right tool for me. Flash was picked because it can do some slick looking stuff and have a really creative and clean look, and I hope it's what I need.

      I'm looking to build a website that's plugged into a database (yes, I know flash doesn't do that). I will run queries and scripts on the database (yes, I know flash doesn't do that). The website will take the output from these scripts and queries, and then display them in graphs and bar charts and pie charts and other stuff.
      What I want to use flash for
      I want these graphs and stuff to shine. I want them to look sharp and be interactive. I want to build something that not only is great eye candy, but I can tweak how it gives me the output (change colors on pie chart, move graph from here to there, etc). Is this something that flash can do? What tools do I need to do this with flash? And if not flash, what suggestions do you have?

      Thanks for your time!
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          As for the 'flashiness' and interactivity you're looking for, it can all be done. If you're new to flash, but not new to coding, you should be up and running in no time. If you're new to both, it may be a bit of a learning curve to achieve what you want to do. Flash is a good investment if you have a number of these things to create over a good period of time. But if you're looking for a one-trick-pony to make your graphs shine, then there's probably some 3rd party software out there that will do the job (I can't make any recommendations, sorry.).

          Also, what server side language are you using? If it's PHP, then I suggest downloading the Serializer Class. You can pass arrays back and forth from flash to PHP (including rows from a SQL DB), as well as other data types.

          That's about all I can recommend (and I'm sure other people can recommend better stuff).

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            It is indeed PHP.

            Thank you much for your time!
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              Check out AMFPHP though, it's a lot more robust than unserializer, and
              allows for easy and fast database integration.


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