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    no Encore CC version


      Why is there no Encore CC version?  I subscribe to CC Master Collection and am nagged everyday to update CS6 version of Encore.  I don't need to update it, it works fine for my uses.  I'm very tired of being asked to update it.  Is there some other product that replaces Adobe Encore?


      Why did Adobe drop Encore in their current video software?

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          John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Parts of Encore a licensed from another company, which was purchased by yet another company and the product was killed


          Adobe evidently (I don't work for Adobe, so only know what I read) decided not to put the time/money into designing a completely new product to replace Encore


          PrProCS6 and EncoreCS6 are over 4 years old and have not been updated in a LONG time, but you can go to the link below to manually check to see if there are any updates to your version


          Updates start here and select product, read to see if you need to install updates in number order, or if the updates are cumulative for the individual product http://www.adobe.com/downloads/updates/


          If you have the serial number version of PrProCS6 and the bundled EncoreCS6 I think you may safely ignore any update notices


          If you are using Encore as part of your Cloud subscription, I don't know about updates... other than what I said above, EncoreCS6 is over 4 years old and is no longer updated

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            gr8bob Level 1

            Sounds reasonable.  Thanks! 


            I'll mark "answered" at some point, but want to wait and see if more info comes in.  The update nagger I mentioned was actually for Premiere Pro CS6.  To install Encore CS6, I had to install Premiere Pro CS6.  There are new Camera RAW updates for PP CS6 which is why it wants me to update.  I no longer use CS6, other than Encore, occasionally.  It's all pretty irritating, especially given amount of $ I send to Adobe.


            Surely there's something else that replaces Encore, I guess not from Adobe.  I haven't done a hunt.

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              gr8bob Level 1

              It is bizarre that Adobe offers no current disc authoring tool.