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    Issues with Adobe Stock purchases


      Good day everyone,


      The reason I am posting this here is because there is literally no where else to do it. I am the admin over multiple Adobe Cloud accounts for my end users, and yesterday one of them came to me stating he had somehow accidentally purchased and Adobe stock image by clicking on it. When trying to reach someone for support we were told there is nothing that can be done. Mind you now these charges are not small. Furthermore we actually need stock from Adobe but now we cannot undo the one click buy to get what we need. When I try to reach support there is no number to call, my Adobe reseller cannot help, and the chat feature says it's closed... What gives guys?


      I know Adobe has us in a corner they don't have to offer support they are the only game in town. However I think if I cannot find a way to get assistance, I will dispute the charges on my card, and I am considering cancelling extra licenses.


      Adobe, I have to say, shame on you. You have an opportunity to show good customer service, and good service excellence. You are dropping the ball in a major way. Please at least have the decency to have a dialogue with your customers.