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    Updating imported images automatically?

      I am working on an all-Fireworks 8 mockup, and I want to be able to build each piece of the mockup separately, then bring them all together into one complete Fireworks document. My question is, can I get it so that when the pieces are edited and saved outside the "complete" document, the "complete" version updates with the new pieces?

      Example: Images 1 and 2 go into larger image 3. I save and close image 3. Now I open and change image 1, then save and close it. I'd like to be able to open image 3 and either have the new image 1 updated automatically within image 3, or take a command from me to update it.

      Obviously Dreamweaver is a potential solution, but for various reasons I'd like to keep it in Fireworks. Is this possible?

      Thanks for your thoughts!
        • 1. Updating imported images automatically?
          abeall Level 3
          There's no way to link to an image file like JPG or GIF. That would be a wonderful enhancement in my opinion so feel free to log it: http://adobe.com/go/wish

          However, you can do some interesting stuff with Symbols and Fireworks PNGS. There's no way to automatically update a "complete" document with assets from other PNG documents, but you can manually update assets connected together by using Imported Symbols. The workflow is a little wonky at this point, but I think it still works. Here's what you do:

          1) Create a document with your asset or all your assets. Convert an asset (such as an image, or a whole selection of multiple objects) into a Symbol via Modify > Symbol > Convert to Symbol. Give it an appropriate name.
          2) Go to your "complete" document.
          3) Open Window > Library
          4) Click the panel menu in the upper right of panel, and choose "Import Symbols". Navigate to your asset document.
          5) You'll get a dialog which shows the name and preview of the Symbol you made in step 1. Select it and any others and import.
          6) Now you'll see those symbols in your Library. Drag them on to the canvas and position/size them.

          Now you have a linked, Imported Symbol. Now let's say you update the symbol in the asset file. You can update the linked symbol in your "complete" document like this:
          1) Go to the Library (Window > Library)
          2) Select the symbol you want to update
          3) Click the panel menu in the top right of the panel, and choose update (note, the document that contains the original symbol needs to be saved)

          Note that unfortunately this doesn't seem to work with the Common Library which was introduced new in CS3.

          All that said, I honestly don't really use this workflow much anymore. Now that we get multiple pages in a single document I just put all my assets on a spare page called "assets" and put them in symbols there, so that if I update the symbol it does automatically update it on the other pages since it's all in the same document.

          Hope that helps.