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    Uploading files from external drive to CC Files


      Hi people!


      I am new to this, so please bear with me - I have looked for an answer already in the forums, but nothing came up...


      I have been using the standalone version of LR and I have migrated to Classic. I opted for the Photography Plan with 1Tb cloud storage. The idea was to upload all my images to the cloud obviously:)


      Today, my images (~500Gb) reside in an external hard disk which I connect to my MacBook Pro when I need to work on them on LR. The .lrcat file is in my Mac's hard disk. Initially I liked the new CC organization and its AI search feature and decided to upload everything to the cloud. Now I am not sure (although I did chat with someone at Adobe) if my catalog can be used both with Classic (for editing) and with CC (for viewing and searching). But that's OK. At this point I have decided that I would like to put everything on the cloud anyway, in order to feed Behance and Portfolio.


      Of course I want to keep the file structure I have  today, i.e. a folder for each year and then folders for each month of the year, where both originals and edits reside. I tired uploading from the external drive but (a) doing it through the web page, I get a message that uploading folders is not supported so I have to recreate each folder and put the images in... and (b) I get messages that there isn't enough space ON MY MAC and I am confused as to why that's even relevant since I am trying to transfer stuff from the external drive that is plugged into my Mac to the Creative Cloud Folder.


      I know I am missing something here but I don't know what it is...

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          Mohit Goyal Adobe Employee (Admin)

          Hi acg,


          Are you adding images directly from the external hard drive to Lightroom CC?

          Do you have the below option unchecked in Lightroom CC? Since you have all the images on the external hard drive then, you don't need another local storage. Therefore, you can uncheck the option for "Store a copy of ALL originally locally".




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            acg69 Level 1



            Thanks for the reply! This is indeed unchecked. I am not sure I grasp the whole concept right though...


            Now what I did is I changed the Folder Location in the CC App from its default (my laptop HD) to the external laptop where the images reside now. I copied some of them to that folder (which still shows on the left pane in the Finder window of my Mac) and I get a message that it is synching. From the web interface I see that it is actually creating the folder structure and I am assuming that at some point it will copy everything there (on the cloud), right?


            Question: Now my external drive is connected to the mac and the folder (CC Files) is in there. In order to access these files from the cloud, will it be be necessary to have the drive plugged into the Mac and have everything running?

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              Mohit Goyal Adobe Employee (Admin)

              If the import is finished from the external hard drive then you can remove the external hard drive and check if you are still able to edits the images.