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    Animate CC interactive svg import (paths with ids)

    FigFrance Level 1

      During 5 years, we used EdgeCommons plugin with Edge animate ( EC.SVG.accessSVG ) , and we were able to read an svg map, looping on it, retrieving event on each path (click, mouseover, mouseout) and it was just perfect !

      The interactive SVG map were prepared in Adobe Illustrator (ids, paths ...)  (a sample : http://www.lefigaro.fr/assets/infographie/print/2anime/WEB_201717_carte_resultat/images/SV G.svg  )

      Now, we are trying to do the same with Animate CC, but it seems not possible. The interactivity is lost during the svg import (from illustrator to animate).

      is someone find some solution to do this ?


      maybe the better solution is to develop a component to import the svg in the animate canvas and generate all the svg paths with their ids