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    photoshop interface ui is too small !!

    Anoos Street Level 1

      hello, everyone

      it has been almost 8 month since i shifted from 24" to 15.6" screen and both we're FHD Res.

      the issue here after i shifted most of adobe programs ui become to small that i can't even see ! except adobe illustrator

      my screen is in 125% and when i shift it to 100% nothing change only illustrator become like the rest of adobe's programs

      the issue i talked with support team 5 times about this !! and they said when new update will popup they'll add new scall

      now as we all know we have 100% and 200% only, 100% is too small and 200% is way big!

      the issue i can't keep up with that! and i searched in adobe forums and to many people are complaining about it and adobe didn't solve it yet???

      anyone know how to fix it !