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    Not able to recognize flextree object which loads images which are not part of .swf file

      Hi All,

      I am doing automation testing using QTP9.2 on Flex application which is developed on Flex bulder 3.0.

      Issue: There are Flextree objects in application and if you select any flextree object it would load images from external website/location. those images are not part of a .swf file. So if I select flextree object then QTP is not able recoginze flex application. If you are not selecting Flextree object then I can able to recognize other objects.

      So i think the problem with the images which are not part of .swf file. Can anyone tell me how to handle the images which are coming from remote location and they are not part of .swf file.

      Please suggest me how to proceed further.

      Thanks in Advance.