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    Reducing File Size Without Having to Change Everything

    Martinnel Level 1

      I'm animating a PhotoShop puppet based on a series of photos of a real person. Because I'm new to this and a little clumsy I've had to return to PhotoShop many times to refine my puppet. I knew I would have to do this so I kept the PhotoShop image size really large (5763 px X 4200 px) so I'd have plenty of detail to finesse. But I'm finding it's really slowing down my computer. Switching between Rig and Record takes a lot of time and in Record mode my puppet moves slowly. I have not had this problem with smaller, lower resolution puppets.


      But when I resized my PSD image all my handles and I think some other things went haywire in CA. Is there an easy way to adjust down to 1920 X 1080 (the size of my scene in CA) in PS without reeking havoc?