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    Customer Service Complaint

    23LadyM Level 1

      I'm at the end of my rope trying to interact with the representatives in the customer service department. I would like to make a formal complaint specifically about the customer service - but I can't find an email option. Where do you send complaints?


      I have an adobe-stock account for work, and in that account, which is under one email address and one phone number, somehow there ended up being two profiles. One is labeled "Personal" and the other is labeled the name of my company. Both had just under 100 credits each. I have no idea why they were separate. In any case, I got a notice recently that the credits were going to expire if I didn't sign up for a subscription. BUT I HAVE ONE. So when I contacted adobe via chat about it, each time the person would act very confused and say that there were not two profiles, then - oh yes, there are two profiles, then - oh you need a team account, then - oh you have a team account, then - well, to fix this, you need to be the team admin, then - oh yeah, you're not the team admin (despite being the only person on the account), then - oh, you need to talk to teams billing to find out who your admin is.


      -But somehow, each of the first four conversations took literally 40 minutes. 40 minutes to discover they can't help me. I work, so. I usually have meetings all day and can't sit at my desk for over 30 minutes. So I had to keep leaving the chats. I kept hoping that if I immediately shared the information they needed at the beginning of the chat next time, they could connect me to who I needed to be connected to early on. -Not the case.


      So today, I scheduled an hour and ten minutes to deal with this topic. I connected with a chat person who, I couldn't believe it, was even less helpful than each of the chat people before! He adamantly insisted I didn't have a team profile at all, and when I asked to be connected via chat to teams billing chat - he claimed that such a thing doesn't exist.


      If it doesn't exist, then why was that every single other chat person's answer?


      What the heck am I supposed to do?


      Also - how does one make a formal complaint?