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    Customer Service Complaint

    23LadyM Level 1

      I'm at the end of my rope trying to interact with the representatives in the customer service department. I would like to make a formal complaint specifically about the customer service - but I can't find an email option. Where do you send complaints?


      I have an adobe-stock account for work, and in that account, which is under one email address and one phone number, somehow there ended up being two profiles. One is labeled "Personal" and the other is labeled the name of my company. Both had just under 100 credits each. I have no idea why they were separate. In any case, I got a notice recently that the credits were going to expire if I didn't sign up for a subscription. BUT I HAVE ONE. So when I contacted adobe via chat about it, each time the person would act very confused and say that there were not two profiles, then - oh yes, there are two profiles, then - oh you need a team account, then - oh you have a team account, then - well, to fix this, you need to be the team admin, then - oh yeah, you're not the team admin (despite being the only person on the account), then - oh, you need to talk to teams billing to find out who your admin is.


      -But somehow, each of the first four conversations took literally 40 minutes. 40 minutes to discover they can't help me. I work, so. I usually have meetings all day and can't sit at my desk for over 30 minutes. So I had to keep leaving the chats. I kept hoping that if I immediately shared the information they needed at the beginning of the chat next time, they could connect me to who I needed to be connected to early on. -Not the case.


      So today, I scheduled an hour and ten minutes to deal with this topic. I connected with a chat person who, I couldn't believe it, was even less helpful than each of the chat people before! He adamantly insisted I didn't have a team profile at all, and when I asked to be connected via chat to teams billing chat - he claimed that such a thing doesn't exist.


      If it doesn't exist, then why was that every single other chat person's answer?


      What the heck am I supposed to do?


      Also - how does one make a formal complaint?

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          Abambo Adobe Community Professional

          Contact Adobe from adobe.com:

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            twaritar3263062 Adobe Employee

            Hi Marva,


            I apologize for the poor support experience. Please allow us some time so that I can review your case history. Appreciate your patience.





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              Sheena Kaul Adobe Employee

              Hi there,


              I apologize for the troubles that you have been facing with the Adobe services.


              I also checked your account and was able to see that under your teams account there are 72 unused licenses for which you would have apparently received an email because once the subscription goes inactive you won't be able to access those licenses.


              Additionally, you are unable to contact the support for teams related queries because you are not the admin of the account. Kindly check the private message that I have sent to you.




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                msmillerphoto Level 1

                Tell me HOW DO I CONTACT ADOBE TO FILE A COMPLAINT..............NOW.............AS IN REAL TIME HONNEY!

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                  Abambo Adobe Community Professional

                  good afternoon mr msmillerphoto,


                  no need to shout. you just read here: Re: Customer Service Complaint .


                  have a nice day.

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                    TaylorL Level 1

                    I too have found Adobe Customer Support completely unacceptable. I contacted them regarding a lost Serial Key. I was number 8 in line with a 7 minute wait. Waited 1 hour 15 minutes, and was given a poor excuse as to why the wait was so long. I was then asked 3 times that I need my Serial Key, and told 1 more time that I need my Serial Key. Then they disconnected before actually helping. Mehar was completely unhelpful and unprofessional. As a shareholder, I do not appreciate this neglectfully poor level of customer service.

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                      Abambo Adobe Community Professional

                      TaylorL  wrote


                      I too have found Adobe Customer Support completely unacceptable. I contacted them regarding a lost Serial Key.

                      It's the customer's responsibility not to loose the serial key. I may sound rude, but loosing a serial key is not a bug in the program. It's not a problem for Adobe.


                      If you would have registered your software you would not have to contact Adobe as they keep then a list of all your keys for you. I can still retrieve my keys for any Adobe product I bought and registered, even that it would not run any more on my OS.

                      In addition, I have a paper and electronic copy of all my serials I need.


                      It's Adobe's goodwill, if they handle your serial number's problem. Nothing less.

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                        ianp77572197 Level 1

                        This is only helpful if I am able to launch the application....  Which I am not.


                        I have wasted more than 6 hours of my life trying to get an intelligent answer out of Adobe but instead, have been transferred over 30 times as no matter which department I speak to, it is ALWAYS the wrong one


                        Never in my 30 years in IT have I come across such shocking customer service, complete lack of concern, tickets closed without being actioned, support personnel hanging up the phone after I spent 50 minutes getting through to them...


                        At this point, I am looking at cancelling all of my Adobe subscriptions and licences because any time I have to work this hard to get simple customer service, tells me that it's just not worth it

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                          Abambo Adobe Community Professional

                          I do not doubt your experience, but I cannot confirm it.


                          If you have perpetually licensed software, you do not need to cancel. If you have subscription software, you may cancel in accordance of the conditions.

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                            dorisdoriscarmelgold Level 1

                            I have had similar problems. I am at the end of my rope with Adobe "support". I spent an hour trying to navigate the site, trying to follow the groups of information. Then another hour, trying to find someone to contact. I eventually cheated to enter a chat. I waited 45 minutes for a chat and 15 minutes trying to re-explain. Three hours was enough. I told the chat agent to send me an email with the responses and said I had to go. I then got an email notification that the chat was ended and that it would be closed after four days if I did not reply to the email. I replied. Two days later I got a notification that it was my responsibility to contact Adobe to ensure I got a response. AAARRRGGHH!!!!!

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                              Abambo Adobe Community Professional

                              dorisdoriscarmelgold  wrote


                              I eventually cheated to enter a chat. I waited 45 minutes for a chat and 15 minutes trying to re-explain.

                              Again each time I needed someone to chat with (and before getting that fancy badge), I did wait at most a minute or so, before I got a chat partner.


                              If you would still need help, do the following:

                              Post a new message here, explaining your problem but without giving personal information. Adobe is very responsive here and employees are monitoring what goes on here. They are very helpful and if they need contacting you in private, they will do.

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