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    Issues with syncing and restarting Lightroom CC


      I'm having trouble syncing my photos in Lightroom CC. I have around 14,500 photos, and around 10,250 are still left to sync after three days. So it is working, but not well. Usually it syncs for a few minutes, then the number of photos left disappears and it just says "syncing" (which it isn't at that point). I've tried several workarounds:


      1) Restart the program. When I do this, I also have to sign out and sign back in again or it doesn't load correctly. This is okay when I am connected to the Internet but I am concerned about whether I'll be able to use the program when I'm traveling without WiFi. Once I do this, the sync works for a few minutes and then stops again.


      2) Selecting all the photos that are still syncing and changing the star rating to 1. Again, this fixes the problem temporarily but after a few minutes the same issue comes up again.


      I've read that deleting all the photos that haven't synced and re-importing them can work, but with over 10,000 photos I'd rather not have to do that if there's another way.


      I really like the look and feel of this software, but without a solution, I'm afraid I'll have to find an alternative.


      Thank you to anyone who can help!