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    Let's help our friend Stacy

    chanaart Adobe Community Professional

      Stacy Sisson used to be an Adobe employee and managed the Adobe Freelance group and later manage the Adobe Groups and ACP in the beginning.


      Some of you still remember her! she was a great leader! Her life turned out a bit later and she is not doing great.

      She has health issues and as a results cannot work now.


      Her friend Patti Thompson (used ot work for Adobe as well) organized a Gofund me campaign.


      Here is a link. If you remember her and like to help! I am sure she will appreciate it.


      Sorry I am pitching it here on our forum but I felt the need to share it. If you think it is not appropriate let me know!


      Here is a link:


      Fundraiser by Patty Thompson : Let's help Stacy!


      Thank you.