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    Is it possible to generate 100% accessible (qualifies VPAT testing) and responsive HTML5 from FM 2017?

    vpratap.tw Level 1

      I need to create accessible HTML output through FM 2017 since all our guides are already in FM so we cannot migrate to robohelp or any other HTML editor, because it may take too much time.


      There are few points that has to be considered while generating accessible output.

      • Structure -  I see an error for the title element which says "Title" is not marked up as a heading but has Font Size (30.0px) significantly larger than that used on most of the page (17.2px). Check if this should be a heading (WCAG2 1.3.1). So how can we make it as heading by default?
      • Language attribute - I can edit the HTML for this. But, if there is some method to implement it within the framemaker, it would be great.
      • Table design - This is the major challenge for me where I need to create scope for each row and column header. The error for this looks like following: