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    Noob question re: interactivity

      I'm a video editor wanting to created an instructional flash video that interactive. At a specific time in video, the viewer clicks and if if correct, a new video plays with a 'check' mark, if not correct, the video continues with a 'x' mark.
      Not sure where to start to learn how to do this.
      Any suggestions would be awesome
      I'm using flash 8
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          Do you need to use Flash for this, as Adobe provide Captivate 3 which allows you to produce interactive demonstrations, tutorials similar to what you described. Might be worth looking into.
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            qwqwqq Level 1
            Thanks for the reply,
            I checked it out, looks like a good fit, only, I'm using a Mac.
            Any other suggestions?

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              Dave.Hollings Level 1
              No I cannot think of anything else that might be an alternative application. However what you are asking to do is not totally impossible with Flash. The issue comes on trying to describe where to start. You will need to learn the scripting language that Flash uses (ActionScript) and if I were doing a project this I would be looking at creating each individual flash movie separately and then creating an interface / container movie to call in the correct swf depending on what the user clicks.

              This all replies heavily on actionscript using global variables, local variables, click events, if statements, load methods and probably more. There are lots of tutorials available on the Internet, which covers all these areas, but I am yet to see one that covers this type of project.

              Sorry I could not be of further help, if you have any other questions, I would be happy to help well at least try to.

              Kind regards.
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                qwqwqq Level 1
                Thanks so much,
                Linda.com has a tut on interactive flash that I'll check out.