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    Current GPU experience - help needed.

    FWG99 Level 1

      I am urgently needing to replace my aged GPU (Radeon HD6670) in my Asus MB (M5A99X EVO R2.0 full spec available on web). My CPU is AMD FX 6-core 3.3 GHz processor and 24 GB RAM is installed (DDR3). The MB has a number of PCIe slots all to gen 2 (whatever that means). I have 4 HDD's and one SSD so all the programs, data, scratch discs etc are separated and are optimal as recommended by Adobe.


      I run 2 monitors with independent colour calibration which is supported by my current GPU. I am baffled by the current GPU jargon! I am not a computer nerd - I just want it to work so that I can do the same!


      I have looked at the "tested" GPU's on the PS support site but most seem to be unavailable having presumably been replaced by newer models.


      I have PS / LR / and Bridge all to the latest 2018 release and my OS is Win 10.


      I do not play games but do do a lot of photo editing and occasional video. I am fed up with the adjustments I make taking so long to render to the screen (sometimes I have made another change before realising that the previous one has not registered). I have tried virtually all the ADOBE recommended performance tweaks which have helped but I think I will need to invest in a better GPU with more RAM.


      Is there any user out there who has CURRENT (2017) experience with a recently purchased GPU on a similar set-up?