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    How to have a correct reflow with indesign?




      i'm using Indesign CC and acrobat  pro dc to create tagged pdf and i meet a  lot of difficulties with the reflow of my documents.


      i just give you an exemple where the color doesn't change. But i could give you many exemple of bad reflow despite a good construction of my document for tagged pdf (i think).


      1) here is an example of an  indesign doc ready to be tagged








      2 )Here is the acrobat version with accessibility options checked. The colors do not match correctly (where is the yellow text?).

      acrobat avec redistribution.png







      3) and the reflowed version. The color of the text is not the selected one (yellow):

      acrobat redistribution.png


      And i could make a lot of exemple with bad reflows.


      Do you have a solution for this exemple or do you have a guideline in order to have a good reflow via indesign?


      Thank you for your help