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    Making water glow effect after effects


      Hi There!


      Im looking a possibility to animate the water of a clip slightly glowing. Kind of like with bioluminicant water.

      Here are the two stills from the clip where I would like to animate the water. I tryd to play around with some anologue glow there but I have of course clips without that:




      This is kind of how I would like the water to look alike. Kind of like centered in the lake but spreading/ fading out to the borders of the lake.

      I should be very very subtle, mutch more subtle as on the images below:



      I would be so glad if someone has any Idea to appraoch to this!

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Well, you're gonna need something to generate the glow to begin with, so you can't possibly avoid masking out a solid and throwing on some Fractal Noise, Stroke effects, Blurs, Turbulent displace, Roughen Edges etc. to generate those smeary clouds following the contours. The rest is just a matter of tweaking this basic setup and using duplicate layers, each with slightly different settings, coloring and opacity and using blending modes like Add and Screen until it looks like what you desire.



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            Dave LaRonde Level 6

            Are those screen shots of the glowing water actual moving images?  I kind of doubt it.

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