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    Colors don't match printed


      Dear all


      I'm not an expert using photoshop but I make some work for our company Intranet such as creating new icons.

      I have an issue that I cannot udnerstand, maybe someone can help.


      I've created some icons with backgoung color (R:124 G:188 B:217) that I need to insert into Powerpoint. They will be located inside Powerpoint boxes with same color and in the screen seems ok. Color exactly match.

      The icon is a standard 72dpi png file, RGB color.


      The problem is when I print the Powerpoint document - the colors are tottally different.

      I was reading about similar issues, and it seems it's somehow related with Color amangement within Photoshop.


      I already tried to create new icons, with the same color, CMYK and RGB versions. With different color profiles (Monitor RGB working space and all Color Management Policies turned off) but I cannot print the ppt with same colors.


      Can you please help?


      Manyh thanks in advance,